Mini Post-When Did White Refrigerators Stop Being Enough?

I’ve been looking at photos of houses on Trulia and Zillow in Arizona while also prepping my townhouse just in case I sell it. I notice that the houses with white appliances just aren’t making the grade in my brainwashed mind and that I “thankfully” have already replaced all of my kitchen appliances with stainless steel and upgraded my kitchen and master bath. These are the must haves on my list probably because we have been told so many times on HGTV that it has to be done if you ever hope to sell your house in the future. 

The thing is this. When did white refrigerators become unfashionable? I remember longing for a double door, white refrigerator in 2000 and I got it when I did the kitchen in my NYC Coop. I missed it when I moved to a CT condo and had the ugliest kitchen, the original from 1978. Finally I had enough money to “do my kitchen” and I’m very proud of the outcome. I just “had to have” the stainless appliances. It was a given. The problem is that with every upgrade comes loss. For instance, no more magnets. Stainless Steele won’t hold those adorable magnets that I collected from trips for the last 20 years and the ones with the kids’ faces. Also, my electric bill went way up in spite of the energy star logo and promise. It was explained to me by the electric company that the newer energy efficient appliances use more energy but use it more efficiently or something like that. 

I’m in an airb&b at this very moment (that is also the latest trend over hotels). This one is gorgeous and fabulous and full of personal touches and that old fashioned homey feeling that has been lost over the years. I feel so comfortable here I think I will move in. I’m staring at the white refrigerator and that thought came over me. “When did white refrigerators stop being relevant? Why do I just “have to have”stainless appliances? The ones I bought, that were pricey LGs, are inferior products. They were extremely disappointing. 

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Author: Debbie Simon-14

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in practice for 30 years. I combine years of experience in medical and psychiatric settings with a little bit of humor to come up with ideas for this blog. I lived in Brooklyn and NYC most of my adult life and raised my 2 sons there. From 1989-1992 I lived as an expat in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to CT in 2010 and after 6 years here I have decided to move west to a warmer climate. My interest in "this stage of life" stems from an observation that there is a lack of research and information on this developmental stage. Since baby boomers have always set the pace for future generations, the value of our lives between 50 and 70 years of age is just starting to gain some attention. Many clients in this age group who I've worked with in recent years have experienced agism in the work place, lay offs, foreclosures of their homes and financial concerns for the future. The retirement that our parents may have enjoyed is becoming a thing of the past. My hope is that this blog might strike a chord for some who are making their way through this leg of the journey with the same resilience, positivity and grit that they got through all of life's challenges with.

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