About Me

I am a 59 year old Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has been a single mom since 1992. Prior to that I was a dancer, a skater, a lover of writing, introspection, contemplation, meditation and spirituality. During my married life I lived as an expat in Tokyo from 1989-1992. In Japan my spiritual life took a flying leap. The Japanese have a great appreciation for beauty, simplicity, efficiency, friendship, family and nature. These were qualities that were lacking in my life until I experienced their culture.

I returned in 1992 changed. My sons were 1 and 3 years old and I decided that I could not stay in the marriage I was in any longer. From that point forward, I have been on a spiritual journey through life. I divorced and had primary custody of my children. The next 20 years were a constant battle with my x-husband over financial matters and what seemed like a never ending struggle up hill. I worked as many jobs as I could while raising two sons with very special needs each. I had a lot of support from my spiritual community and friends. I had hoped to remarry but that always seemed like such a complicated endeavor and in the end, I never did.

This blog stems from my desire to serve life now in small ways and to connect with others who may also struggle at this stage of life to make sense of it all. My older son is now married and lives far away. He struggles with mental illness. My younger son is autistic and until now has lived with me. We are going through a transition together to help him become a little bit more independent. I’ve decided to move west and have looked for programs for him out in the areas that I’ve considered living.

Won’t you join me on my journey west as I step into the next chapter of my life?